With the right information and clear strategies, you can rank your website among the top results on the Google search engine. Google has been updating its algorithm in terms of visibility and access time and again over the years for the benefit of both the content creator and the consumer. Likewise, SEO has changed drastically now than how it was a decade back. This blog aims at breaking down to you how to climb the ladder up in terms of visibility and providing insights that will help your website. So, read on!

Content is the King

Google’s algorithms that generate traffic to your website have advanced leaps and bounds since the Hummingbird Update. The Hummingbird Update has made it a point for websites to change their approach to content-centric. Previously, it was possible to rank top in search results just by cramming keywords to the site. However, to cater more specifically to the needs of the consumer and to check the growth of sites that generated fluff in the name of content, the Hummingbird update was introduced. This update lays more emphasis on searchers’ intent. Now, searchers’ intent is the topmost priority of the Google search engine. Google has gone to lengths to satisfy the needs of the searchers, so much that one hardly needs to click on the second link of the search result. The first link provides all the relevant information to the searcher or the consumer. Your website’s aim must be to offer as much relevant information about your niche as possible so as to hold the attention of the consumer and they do not stray away from your website. For instance, if your website is built around gaming then you need to provide articles that are not only pertinent but engaging and educative. If you are writing an article about the top ten video games of the year, then do not merely provide the links to the platform where the game is available. The user can have access to these links from anywhere else on the internet, what are you adding to their needs then? Let your content shine here. Walk them through the various features and aspects of the games, tips about gameplay, information about graphics, and details that might excite a gaming enthusiast. This is how your site gets referrals. Putting yourself in the consumers’ shoes is crucial in order to have traffic on your page because you need to know exactly what they want and what they will share. After having provided content, you might add the links to the sites from where the consumer can access the game. This will in turn help you in link building. Link building is important in SEO if your content is good. For instance, the way you referred to the site where the game is available, similarly that site might provide the link to your website for content about the game. Networking and referral help a great deal in generating buzz in your site and helping you go to the top. 

Tactical usage of Keywords- Optimised Content, Title tag and Meta descriptions

Usage of keywords in the correct way can be game-changing in SEO. Optimisation of the content is done mainly including keywords that match the ones that the user feeds in the search engine. Here’s when our tip from earlier, comes in handy. Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. Keywords are called so for a reason, sprinkle them from time to time in your content, but also be careful if that is what the people are searching for. Searching anything on Google has become very convenient and requires only a couple of words. Take for another example, if you’re writing an article about the best coffee shops. Your target keywords must include specific options for the searcher like- “coffee”, “coffee shops”, “coffee shops near me”. Make sure your demographic knows that you are catering to them wholly, and keywords are the way. However, do not overuse keywords because then the search engine might consider your content as fluff. The Hummingbird update was introduced to distinguish good content from bad, always keep that in mind. 

The link that appears on top after a Google search is the meta title, and below that is a line or two about what your content deals with. Both should contain target keywords. The most relevant and likely keyword that the searcher might use in the search engine must go on the title. The meta description can have more than one keyword but must not be fluff. The sentences must be artfully created with the help of keywords to attract the user. 

Take help from an Optimisation Tool-Google Search Console  

There are a number of tools that help track traffic and activity on your site, however, it does not get better than Google Console. You will need a convenient tool to assist you in your way to the top. Google Search console is both user-friendly and is free. You can track visibility and activity on your site from time to time. It will provide you with data and metrics so that you could analyze your growth and improvement accurately, and make necessary changes in your game plan. It will also give you precise data on how much clicks and traffic you are getting for which particular keyword in your content. This will be an immense help in using not only the right keywords but also the right amount of keywords. 

There you go! You have your three-step breakdown to reaching the top. Always remember that your main focus is on content. You need to make your search engine know that you are worthy of ranking. Curate superior quality content and let it flow organically, do not overstuff or use keywords in the wrong places. It is an artful strategy to balance content and keywords. Lastly, take the help of what Google Console has to offer. You will not only work around the Google algorithm and rank at the top but retain your position in the long run.