You must have heard about the term lead generation when it comes to marketing. A lot of companies hire professionals for lead generation services in UAE to take their sales up by levels altogether. What is lead generation? Let us take you through a detailed guide about leads and lead generation.

The primary step in understanding lead generation, and then applying necessary marketing strategies to convert leads, one needs to know who are leads.

Who is a lead? What are the different kinds of lead?

When your business website generates traffic or gets an audience, there is one section of people who are just casually browsing through it, and the other who express their interest in your service. The latter is your target demographic. They engage with the various sales and marketing tactics (like making a query, going through the FAQs, filling out forms) and they show their interest in your products or services. Which means that this faction of your audience has the potential to convert into customers. We call them leads.

Now this faction can be subdivided or, in marketing term, qualified into mainly four categories, namely- marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, product qualified leads and service qualified leads.

Marketing qualified leads are people who visit your website a couple of times to go through the product descriptions and the FAQs. However, they did not actively engage with the website’s marketing strategies. These leads are on your website to quench their curiosity, and more often they are not even your target audience. For example, if a company sells expensive, luxury car, and a teenager is browsing through the options, it does not mean that he is going to make a purchase.

Marketing qualified leads are not likely to become potential customer any time soon. So, if you have a marketing budget, do not allocate it to generate ads, emails and content to low quality leads like MQL. Instead, you should actively try to target high quality leads, the sales qualified leads.

That brings us to the definition of sales qualified lead. These are the people who should be exposed wholly to the process and strategies of lead generation. Sales qualified leads are the people who actively engage with marketing tactics, respond to call to action, make sales queries and fill out forms put out on the website by the marketing team. It is the job of the marketing team to identify these leads and enhance their experience while they connect with the website. Your team must be prompt in answering their queries and take actions to send them emails about offers and promotions.

Another great way of engaging the sales qualified leads is to make personalized and targeted content for them. For instance, one SQL has left an item in the cart and have not purchased it yet. They might be doing their research on similar products online, or is hesitant about purchasing it from you. Sending personalized offer on the said products, or offering free shipping might help converting them into customers quicker. These people are your main target for lead generation, and you should invest your time and resources on them.

The next kind of lead are people who have been sales qualified leads for a while and have tried your services or products and are now willing to become a paying customer. These leads are known as product qualified leads. However, this only applies to companies or businesses who provide trial services. For instance, OTT platforms, companies who provide learning courses, cosmetics companies and so on, sometimes offer trial sessions free of cost to generate more interest among potential customers. In fact, this very method of introducing free sessions is one of the strategies of lead generation.

Finally, the last type of lead is the service qualified lead. These are people who have paid for your services and are most likely to invest again as paying customers. Your team should make it a point to engage with them from time to time, via advertisements on various social media, messages and emails. This group of customers can also become promoters of your company in the future.

Now that you have ample information about leads and the requirement of your marketing team to engage with each kind tactfully, you might have more or less got an idea of what lead generation ought to be. It is the process of carefully determining leads (people who are interested in your service) and convert them into paying customers of your business with the help of various marketing strategies.

How to generate leads and convert them into customers?

Graphic design and web design- Although lead generation is a marketing process, it requires close collaboration with graphic designers and web designers as well. Web designers, like backend software developers handle SEO and carry out changes in the website. These developers constantly work to enhance the website functions as and when users are on the website. They track the behaviour of consumers on the website to implement changes that enhances user’s experience on the site. Hence, web design requires the close of co-operation of marketers in making crucial suggestions about what works best for customer engagement. As for graphic designers, they handle the aesthetic part of the website, placement of content, the design and placement of the call-to-action button that will appeal the lead into opening and a page and finalising a deal.

Content- Content is king, as cliché as it might sound, it is still very true. Engaging clients through content that is pertinent to their areas of interest has been an old yet very effective technique in marketing and lead generation. Of course, adding FAQs and product or service description in innovative manners is important but so are blogs. Sales qualified leads, who are your potential first-time customers, do a lot of research before making a purchase. Give them all the information that they need in your website itself.

Informative and well-researched blog posts show dedication and interest of the company itself in its own products and services. You could also create personalised content for sales qualified leads and product qualified leads. With abundant of content available online, people are constantly bombarded with information. They will only choose you time and again, if you can tailor your content according to their interests and need. Hence, tracking consumer’s behaviour on your website, and then curating personalised content to target them will help you generate leads and create a loyal client base.

Emails and messages- Emails and messages are the most appropriate way of putting out personalised content as mentioned above. This applies to sales qualified leads, product qualified leads and service qualified leads. However, the tailoring of these emails should be different for each of the kind of leads.

  • For service leads emails should be in accordance with their purchase pattern, and you should give them offers that cater to their needs.
  • For potential customers like sales qualified leads an email that gives them a good idea of the variety of products or services that you offer so that they can make their pick from a range of options.
  • For product qualified leads, mails and messages regarding subscription renewal, or offers on products that they usually purchase should work fine. In addition, don’t forget to add the call-to-action button in their emails so that they can directly head to the section that they need and make a purchase.
  • Market qualified leads do not need to be bombarded with emails, because too many messages at the very initial stages of engagement often drive off leads.

Social media and ads- Social media is a boon for marketers, since it’s a sure shot way of proliferating ads and targeting audience. Improve your lead generation process by creating personalised ads for potential customers and existing customers. Having an active social media page helps the demographic to engage with your social media marketing team and thereby fuelling lead generation.

Professional marketing team and designers- Lead generation services in UAE have become extremely advanced incorporating expert marketers. If you want to make your business soar by sealing deals and converting maximum amount of interested leads into your loyal customers, then it is absolutely necessary to have a high-functioning and skilled team of marketing and designers. There is a variety of methods to generate lead and qualifying them. To ensure success optimum success, a good purchasing journey must happen organically, most of which is in the hand of the marketer and then it moves to the sales department. A professional and experienced group of people can make this journey seem organic and successful. Make sure to invest time and money in selecting and creating a team.

These are some of our most effective tips for better lead generation. Your primary focus should be coming up with different marketing strategies for the different kind of leads. Allocate a stable fund to digital marketing to create ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Even if you do not have a hefty fund, use social media to gain reach and visibility organically. Posting stories, videos, and content on a regular basis, and engaging with customers via messages can help you become popular. Moreover, platforms like Instagram are pushing video content, and the algorithm helps the content to reach the target audience. Make use of social media’s incredible potential in terms of marketing. And if your budget permits to make customised marketing strategies, as stressed above, making personalised content for leads is of great importance. Your leads do not want generic information. Make them notice that you are going the extra mile for them. Lastly, if you are running a big company, a strong marketing team and skilled designers working in coalition can help skyrocket lead generation. Hope these tips help you in generating more leads than you expected. Go and start brainstorming strategies now!