Search Engine Optimization remains the top priority for digital marketers. Even though social media platforms are emerging and gaining popularity by the moment, Google remains one of the dominant platforms via which customers access information. The numbers are staggering. Google gets a whopping 86 billion visits every day whereas, Facebook receives 20 billion, and Instagram 4 billion. Social media ads and content serve the purpose of attracting your target audience, and in turn, they are driven to search engines to run background research and get a hold of more information.

What renders this popularity to search engines like Google in even 2022 is the ability to whip up the most relevant information after feeding a few keywords. Out of the unlimited information that is available to people over the internet, why would people access your website? You need to have your content optimized in line with what your audience wants. And this is where Search Engine Optimization comes to play. SEO is a game-changer that takes your content to your audience. It is a strategy that is worth investing your time and resources in this year. Come, let us take you through some of the most effective tips that will help you conquer the SEO game in 2022.

  • Map out your keywords- At the heart of Search Engine Optimization lies the strategic use of keywords. SEO no longer entails using the same keywords time and again in your on-site or off-site content so that Google grasps the concept of your page. In fact, optimizing your content for a few keywords is not good enough. LSI keywords are the way to go in 2022.

LSI or latent semantic indexing refers to using phrases and words that Google can make use of in understanding your content. For instance, if your content is about digital marketing, some of the LSI keywords that can be used are online marketing, marketing strategies, social media marketing, and so on. Optimizing your content for these keywords gives it topical depth and helps with relevancy. Long-form content is presumed to gain more popularity in 2022. Hence, it is not only crucial to expanding your content, but you have to expand it around LSI keywords.

  • Match Your Keywords and Content with Search Intent- Does your content deal with the queries that your target audience has? You might be writing the right kind of content, but the structure might be off or the keywords that your audience uses to search similar content might be missing. You have to know what your demographic enters in a search bar. Whether they are looking for how-to’s, tips, or long guides. One way of matching keywords and content with search intent is to actively keep track of popular keywords or the keywords that are used by your competitors.

Using tools like SEMRush you discover keywords used by your competitor that fetches them the most amount of traffic. You can use these judiciously in crafting your content for future marketing campaigns. You can also track your rival’s ranking dynamics on Google.

  • Analyze Google’s first page- Another way of doing competitive research is analyzing Google’s first place. This gives you an insight into the kind of content and keywords that are being used by top-ranked sites. Take notes and use them as a learning opportunity. You can refashion your content using an improved structure and more relevant keywords for better ranking.
  • Publish quality content consistently- Nothing will help your rankings more than posting quality content with regular consistency. If you put up well-researched, lucidly written content your readers are bound to engage with it. Having trustworthy and reliable content on your site will draw other authoritative websites to backlink your content on their website. Google will pick up on your popularity and place you ahead of others. The focus nowadays is on higher quality content, rather than low-quality spammy content. If you wish to go in-depth on a topic, 2022 is the year to publish more detailed content. With so much fake info around, content that reflects research and provides valid references are in demand.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-friendly- UAE is a mobile-first consumer economy and has been holding this position strongly since the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a report conducted by Statista, mobile phones in 2021 have accounted for over half of web traffic. Mobile devices (excluding tablets) have generated 54.8% of global website traffic in 2021. The demand for a mobile-friendly website will be very much prevalent in 2022, and the years to come. Therefore, optimizing content, images, and videos on your website for mobile devices is crucial because Google ranks mobile-optimized sites better on search results.
  • Improve overall user experience- Better UX on your website means the longer your audience will spend time on your site. Responsive web page design helps your website to run smoothly on all devices of user operation-mobile or desktop. Your content must fit according to the screen size of the device and look optimized whether it on a phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Get rid of anything that slows down your site- Smoother browsing experience is a factor that Google actively takes into account when ranking a website. Pages that load faster decreases your bounce rate. Bounce rate is a metric to measure how quickly your audience is leaving your website and going back to the search page. Getting rid of any content, text/video/images that cause lag should be taken down. In addition to taking help from an expert, you can use tools like Google’s PageSpeed. This analyses content on your pages and provides suggestions as to how you can reduce your page loading time.
  • Use images, infographics, and video images, videos, and infographics contribute substantially in the curation of reliable and quality content. Moreover, chunking text along with images and videos is a great way of optimizing content. Placing these judiciously on your website helps capture the attention of the reader, and therefore, they’ll spend more time on your site.
  • Update your content regularly- You cannot have the same obsolete content on your website for months. People are attracted to fresher information. Newer product descriptions, witty blog posts, linking your content with relevant events in the current scenario, are some of the ways to go about this. If people can connect with your content ever so often, your website is bound to be popular.
  • Repurpose old content- Suppose you have a piece of content, be it a blog post, or an ad that did wonders for you in the past. Such pieces are termed “unicorn content” by Mobile Moneky’s CEO Larry Kim. You could easily restructure the piece, using newer keywords and relaunch it to squeeze out its maximum potential of it.
  • Practice optimized internal linking- Good internal linking sets up the hierarchy in your website. An internal link is any link from one page to another page on your website. Your users use the link to navigate through your website to land on a page that is most relevant to them. In addition to providing links to the menu, homepage, feed, you should also add links within your content. This is known as contextual linking, and it enables your audience to find out the connection between different content on your website. Search engines also use links to navigate your site. If a particular page receives more links on your website, the search engines deem it as important. Therefore, optimized internal linking is crucial for your SEO.
  • Link externally to authoritative sites- Apart from content, links are among the top three ranking factors for Google. External linking is good for SEO and is widely accepted as one of the most crucial metrics for high ranking. When adding an external link, always consider the relevancy of the page that you are linking. It should fall in line with your content and seem seamless. Besides, opt for links from authoritative sites. An external link from a high-quality site has more value.
  • Encourage authority sites to link to your content- External linking works two ways. If you are linking to relevant sites on your website, try to pursue them to link your site as well. You cannot just create content and sit idly waiting for it to gain popularity. Actively pursue sites that hold position and authority to link to your website. This can only be achieved if your content is well structured and authentic. When a good website links your content, it boosts your DA (domain authority), you get validated by legitimate sites, and Google recognizes you.
  • Increase your authority through guest posts- One of the ways of securing a link back from another website is guest posting. These work out great for blogs. When you write a guest post for another blog, they provide a link to your site in the author’s section. You can be a part of a community by establishing relationships with other websites, tap into newer audiences, and thereby increasing your authority via guest posting.
  • Hire experts- In 2022, with the competition raging, you cannot afford to shy away from hiring experts. In addition to getting professional help for optimized web design, areas like optimized content writing, keyword implementation, analyzing SEO performances, etc., require the brains of an expert. If you are working toward a specific SEO goal, you cannot compromise on getting expert help.

If your website does not land on the first page of search results, your target audience will most probably never find you. Do not drag your old SEO mistakes in the new year, and get cracking on how to improve your strategies. It is normal to feel a bit daunted by the number of steps that you have to take. But remember, when it comes to SEO every aspect is related to the other, and at the heart of it lies content. Start by improving your content and hiring experts, everything else will follow.