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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

In a fast-changing business environment, Data Science is the biggest differentiator. Know
customers better. Predict  which group is more likely to buy or defect. Spend more efficiently.
Data Science empowers you to think differently, act fast, seize opportunities and solve problems!
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Data Science


Steroid Integrated Marketing offers marketing analytics as a service, through its partnership with RainMan Consulting.

RainMan is a 11 year old company that offers marketing analytics to brands on global footprint. Its core offering is in marketing mix attribution and budget optimisation. The RainMan solution is accepted globally as best practise and it counts Unilever, Publicis Media, Wipro Consumer as its clients, amongst others. For more information visit

R. Sridhar

“Sridhar and I have worked together over two decades, in varied roles with different entities in our organisation. As someone who tries to “think out of the box” myself, I can wholeheartedly recommend Sridhar as a “master” of the art of innovation and creative thinking. Moreover, he is someone who can brilliantly challenge the status quo and stimulate fresh thinking, in a fun manner, that is both effective and memorable!”

Sushil Premchand
PRS Services AG, Zurich

“Sridhar brings a fresh perspective to oneself and unlocks the deep-rooted creativity in each person. Sridhar digs out as well as helps an individual mine herself for dormant side of her own personality.”

Ravi Narayanan
Country Head -Branch Banking & Retail Trade FX Business

“Sridhar was very effective at facilitating and guiding our Innovation session. His experience was very helpful in planning the event. The global team found his content and techniques very useful”

Parminder Sidhu
Brand Innovator
Merck Group, Germany

“Sridhar is an excellent mentor and coach. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to help you clearly articulate your problem and find pathways that will lead to potential solutions. He does not rush to tell you the solution but makes you confident that you can find the answer yourself. He has this amazing ability to ask all the right questions and get you thinking in ways you hadn’t before. An ideation session with him is totally invigorating!”

Lulu Raghavan
Managing Director

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