Taking your content to the right audience and increasing your reach entails tactful and rigorous management. However, we are going to walk you through on how to up your game in the field of social media marketing in UAE. Needless to say that there is a lot of competition out there and websites trying to out-do each other in gaining more traffic on their website using the enormous numbers of social media platforms. Do not miss any opportunity on getting those clicks, here are a few tips to level up your social media advertising strategy:

1. Content

This is the most fundamental when advertising your services on social media. Curate your content accordingly. Do not add too much fluff, as ads are usually supposed to be crisp and short, these should hit the nail on the head. The services you provide, the products you are selling, the people you are targeting- should comprise the main focus of your content. Curate wisely!

2. Prioritizing and sorting said content

Notwithstanding how much you focus on the aforesaid criteria, there is always going to be a huge amount of content that is directed towards your services. However, statistically speaking, only 3% of your content will do well and the rest of the 97% curated for ads are not going to. You have to put your foot down in selecting these 3%-which contains absolutely necessary and unique selling points of your company or your services.

3. Target Demographic

The content of your ads should and must be created keeping in mind your target audience. It is not advisable to generate ads or even create ads for all age and social groups. By doing this you are not increasing your reach but degrading your relevancy score (a term we will explain shortly) further and further. Your ad will only be relevant if you have an age group sorted and create an advertisement more methodically for them. Say your target audience is young adults (18-25-year-olds) use language that is in vogue, experiment with color palettes that are most likely to draw the attention of your audience.

4. Active social media platform

Having just a social media page and generating ads on the said social media pages might seem sufficient but it’s not. There must be regular updates on the page that keeps you in the radar of your followers. The 97% of your content that couldn’t be used in the form of ads can be channelized here strategically. Breakdown your services in the form of social media posts. Engagement with your followers is a must, urge them for inquiry, choose your captions wisely so as to seem approachable. Be very prompt in answering the queries of potential customers once they visit your page after clicking on an ad. Engagement is key-once a good word is spread, you are sure to generate more views, likes, and sales on your pages.

5. Quality Score

Maintaining a high-quality score is extremely important for social media marketing services. Quality score is a parameter used by Google to check the relevancy of your keywords and ads and thereby sets a cost-per-click. This is where your engagement with the demographic comes in handy, higher engagement rates lead to higher quality score where you get more ad impressions within a fixed budget. However, having a low-quality score means your ads are not only irrelevant but you are paying more cost per engagement. Make sure to have design ads with relevant keywords and language that attracts your target.

6. Video ads

The options for video ads are available on major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can experiment a lot with these-these videos range from short video clips, 360-degree videos, reels on Instagram- giving you the scope to advertise your service in creative ways. A good graphic designer and video editor shall be able to implement what you need. Short videos often catch the eyes of people who casually scroll through Facebook or Instagram. Instagram’s latest update of reels also provides a fruitful ground for advertisement.

7. Story ads

Your ad will appear on full screen for a few seconds lasting up to 15 seconds in the case of videos which provide the perfect opportunity to keep it short and sweet. A swipe up link with the story ad does wonder in generating traffic. These are also ideal for advertising limited offers and limited edition products of your company.

8. Carousel ads and collection ads

These advertisement methods are offered by both Facebook and Instagram. Hereby, you can add a collection of five to ten images of your top products or offers with descriptions and prices. These ads pop up very frequently on the newsfeed of your demographic if you are using relevant keywords and cookies. You can make this series interesting by using descriptions that are topical-for example if you’re advertising for a particular festival or season- carousel ads are perfect. In addition, Facebook lets you have a collection advertisement where you can add a cover video which will be the main focus and the images of the products in the video. Choose your most specialized products to put a collection ad together.

9. Collaboration

The influencer culture on social media, mostly Instagram and Snapchat is a good deal for both social media marketing agencies and influencers. You can reach out to influencers who are most likely to get your increase your brand reach. Some millions of people can see your product on display once you collaborate with someone famous- let them advertise your product for you.

10. Smart investments

It might seem a little steep at the beginning but investing to sponsor Instagram and Facebook to make your ad visible is always a great idea. This is the kind of investment that helps your company and website in the long run. Another investment that is an ultimatum is having a good social media advertising team in UAE. There are innumerable professionals in the field without a doubt. But picking a team should be a careful decision, where you pick people who are most likely to fall under your target audience. They will know what your demographic want because they are a part of it. Thus, your ads will gain greater reach and far more clicks.

There you have it, a ten-step thorough guide full of tips for social media marketing services. Take social media by storm with your marketing skills!